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Christopher F. Owen, Owner

Chris Owen grew up in Burbank, CA, and moved to Victoria, British Columbia where he graduated from high school. He became a journeyman electrician and returned to school.  In 1985, Chris received his B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Victoria. In the late ‘90’s, Chris and his wife Kathryn moved to Las Vegas where Chris worked as an electrician on a number of projects until the construction boom ended in 2009. Undeterred by changing economic times, Chris seized the opportunity and decided to pursue his dream of becoming an attorney. Chris entered Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California, pursuing a law degree with an emphasis on litigation. Chris’ range of experience includes serving as a certified clerk for the Orange County D.A., where he represented the D.A.’s office in court on misdemeanor charges and plea deals as well as performing legal research for the D.A.’s, as the need arose.  He also served as an extern to a Superior Court Judge where he learned firsthand how courts operate and was allowed to sit in on discussions in chambers between counsel and the judge, as well as provide the judge with research on various topics. More recently, Chris worked as a contract attorney doing document review on a large civil litigation case.



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