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This website was designed by Website Tigers. They are a local company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They provide web design services, and online marketing services to companies throughout the United States.

Take a look at this article on Las Vegas website design by Website tigers for more information.

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Address: 1445 American Pacific Dr #110, Henderson, NV 89074

Tips for Hiring a Las Vegas Website Designer

Hiring a website designer might be easier said than done if you don’t know what qualities and skills to look for. It would be a daunting ordeal if your website is not designed in such a manner that is appealing and easy to navigate. That being said, here are some of the tips before you hire a website designer.

Don’t be in a rush

Hiring a website designer to provide your website needs should not be done in a hurried pace. Take some time to weigh each designer and consider the qualities that they have. Also, utilize your time to compare each person in order to get the best fit.

Check their experience

Experience should be one of the reasons of picking a designer. You should know the type of experience that they have and if they are good with content management systems. You can either check if they are knowledgeable and good with raw HTML, WordPress, HubSpot or even Joomla.

Select a web designer that is knowledgeable in all CMS platforms and have the experience and the skill sets to develop your website according to your own preference.

Review their portfolio

If possible, request the potential employee to submit some works that he or she has done in the past. They can either submit a link or some data confirming their work and their skills. The reason for this is that it can help you find the suitable person to provide what you need and at the same time, it would save you time and effort.

Also, you can connect with their former employers to know more about the web designer and gather some intel on their work ethics, performances, commitment and dedication to the job. Moreover, the past works will provide you some overview on how good they are and how equipped they are to do the task at hand.

Make sure that they are a good communicator

Communication is an integral part for anyone that is on the online business. In developing a website, communicating with your employees is crucial in attaining success. If the designer is not good with conveying his or her thoughts, or has difficulty understanding what you’re saying, then it affects your work and the entire operation.

They should have SEO experience

Since competition is high, making your website SEO friendly is a must. In line with that, your web designer must deep knowledge on how to utilize SEO and incorporate it to the web’s entire design as well. If you want your website to be on Google’s landing pages, then the site must be indexed well and it must have a clean code that could be used to cascade the style sheets.

Integrate SMM or Social Media Marketing

Besides having knowledge with SEO, your web designer must have some information and skills regarding SMM or social media marketing. This feature will enhance your business presence and promote brand visibility as well. Also, social media pages could provide some support for your website and could complement positively.


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